Warranty Information


Union Sport warrants that new saddles will be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the time of original purchase. To submit a claim, please go online and fill in the Claim Form at our website. Include a copy of your original proof of purchase receipt. Take pictures of the damaged saddle and another picture of your bike.

This does not include defects due to normal wear and tear, abuse, or damage due to incorrect mounting as instructed in the owner’s manual. This warranty covers ONLY to the original purchaser, and is not transferable to any 3rd party. Any warranty claims should be made through your retailer. The warranty does not cover crash damage. The warranty is invalid should the product have been modified in any way. If you are in doubt as to whether you have a warranty claim or not, please contact your retailer. This warranty covers only Union Sport branded products.

This warranty is void in its entirety by any modification of the warranted product. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective item, and said repair or replacement is the sole remedy of the warranty. This warranty applies only to products purchased through an authorized dealer or distributor. Union Sport is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. Any claim under this warranty must be made through an authorized dealer or distributor. Proof of purchase is required. Claims made outside the country of purchase may be subject to fees and additional restrictions. Warranty duration and detail may differ by product and/or by country. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and those rights may vary from place to place. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

Wear and Tear Conditions

Saddles on bicycles are subject to wear due to their function. The rate of wear will depend on care and maintenance, the bike’s usage and the environment it is exposed to such as rain, mud, dust, and sand. The saddles do require regular care and maintenance, but all components will eventually reach the end of their serviceable life, depending on conditions and intensity of use. In addition, this warranty specifically excludes surface finishes and cosmetic treatments including but not limited to surface finishes and decals.

The following Union Sport product are subject to wear due to their function and are not covered for wear as described under this warranty:

• Normal wear and tear

• Improper installation or assembly

• Improper follow-up maintenance

• Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, neglect or improper usage

• Labor charges for part replacement or changeover

Saddle Care

Union Sport encourages our customer to clean the saddle of dirt and sweat after each riding session. It is advisable to use a soft cloth moistened with water and a little neutral soap. Leave it in the air to dry, away from direct sunlight. Do not use solvent-base products (oils or creams) on the saddle covering as they could cause cracking or detaching of the covering. The loss of color, altering or abuse in covering materials is typically not covered by the warranty, as this is normally caused by UV rays, sweat, heat, and moisture.

Weight Limitation

Each Union Sport product is designed and tested to support a structural weight limit. In addition for more aggressive riding such as Downhill Mountain biking or any other riding that might compromise the structural integrity of the saddle; the rider should not exceed over 250lbs.

Carbon Fiber Saddle Limitation

Union Sport saddles are made to be lightweight, and are not suitable for all riders and all possible uses. Any deep scratches or gouges in the saddle body or rails can weaken the saddle, resulting in failure and causing serious personal injury or death.

Damage to the shell is difficult to visually identify. If the external shell surface is dented, frayed, gouged, deeply scratched, fractured, chipped or otherwise damaged, the component should not be ridden and should be replaced. If a saddle has suffered a crash or impact, even if no damage is visible, Union Sport or an authorized Union Sport dealer should inspect the product.

For your safety, Union Sport recommends this product be replaced after 5 years of use.

Accident Replacement Program

Union Sport understands that accidents can occur on normal riding. For that reason we offer a 1 year accident replacement program to original purchasers. The replacement program offers end user 50% discount off MSRP to replaced qualify damaged saddle. Any abuse or modification on the saddle will not qualify.

Consumers must fill out the Warranty Registration form online to qualify. The consumer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with the repair. Union Sport will cover the shipping cost of returning the replacement product to the consumer within the contiguous 48 US States. For some reason, if the damage product is NOT repairable, we will provide a similar or comparable tested product. Original purchaser MUST send in a copy of the original receipt, the product and the actual photos of the damage product, and also picture of the bike with the damage of the actual product onto the bike via by email so Union Sport can document the issue. Please go online and fill in the warranty form.


Product component

Union Sport assumes no liability for any accident, injury, death, loss, or other claim related to or resulting from the use of this product. In no event shall Union Sport be liable for incidental or consequential damages relating to or resulting from the use of this product or any of its parts.

In no event shall Union Sport be liable for any actual, direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, or any other damages whatsoever, even if Union Sport has been previously advised of the possibility of such damages, whether in an action under contract, tort or under any other theory, arising out of or in connection with the use, inability to use, or performance of the information, products and materials on this site. Because some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, some or all of the above limitations may not apply to you.

Under certain usage of the saddle such as CycloCross, Road, Mountain, Downhill and all other riding please take care and use for intended usage. Since the components within the saddle do tend to fail during certain unforeseen conditions, and we try to discourage that from happening. We encourage our customer to take extra precaution as much as possible while riding the saddle.

Product Safety

Union Sport is serious about safety and quality and is very concerned about how consumers use our products. Our product safety policies are based on our core value of protecting our consumers from unforeseen harm. We set safety exposures at or more stringent than legal limits. Union Sport products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards from around the world. But when we do receive a safety report, we have a system in place to immediately respond to the situation.
We are continuously enhancing our safety requirement standards, which are based on a combination of U.S. law and international law, U.S. voluntary requirements and international voluntary requirements.
Other factors influencing Union Sport’s standards include: safety bulletins, consumer complaints, established good safety habits, sound engineering judgment and connotative safety (depicting safe actions in product use and advertising). Union Sport has detailed procedures to manage potential product safety hazards in the rare event that a product modification, withdrawal or public recall is necessary to protect our consumers.